Family run business with over 35+ years experience in the cleaning industry

We are a family run cleaning business, who, after looking at similar companies decided we could offer a better level of customer service, value, promises and commitment.

Between us we have 35 years of combined experience in the industry and have the skills and commitment to drive our industry forward by delivering consistent high standards of cleaning.

We work very closely with our staff to ensure our clients needs are met at all times.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind and can focus on their business objectives while we concentrate on maintaining their premises.

Our client retention is a testament to our continually high standards. As individuals we are committed to providing all our customers with the highest standards of cleaning.

Training Services

We understand in our professional capacity Transfer of Undertakings ( Protection of Employment ) regulations TUPE and all the compliant responsibilities which come with it.

This is our difference, a difference we’re proud of and a difference you, as our client will notice immediately and truly appreciate.

We also understand the difference between a cleaning company and our cleaning service….this is why our standards matter

Throughout our extensive and continual training and re-training programs we ensure that all of our representatives, our cleaners …..your cleaners, are re-trained to the highest standards ensuring your company receives the highest consistent cleaning service possible at all times.

These are the fundamentals we put into play at all times, never failing in our commitment to you.

This is not only essential, it is paramount to us as a commercial cleaning service provider to maintain the highest standards possible within the industry.

Our own services, through our own monitoring, are under our scrutiny to make sure that our service to you our customer is confident, consistent, and constantly maintained.

And this is why we are different to our competitors because…. Our Standards Matter.

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Our High Standards have made us Award Winning in the Cleaning Industry.

Our attention to detail and excellent customer service has won us the acknowledgment of ‘Professional Cleaning Service Provider’ two years running at the 2020 & 2021 Leeds and West Yorkshire Prestige Awards.

High Standards
Every Time

High Standards
Every Time

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