Bio-fogging, in our opinion, is a very effective solution, as far as sanitation techniques go. However, there are some things you should be mindful of. A comprehensive cleaning will be necessary before the process begins. If no cleaning is done ahead of treatment, the effect of the technique may be hindered. A biocide vapor must come into contact with surface microorganisms in order to eliminate them. If debris, damp patches, dirt, or other materials cover-up surface areas, they probably won’t get sanitized. As such, we highly encourage having a comprehensive cleaning to be conducted before the bio-fogging process begins.

Cost will need to be taken into consideration. Fogging isn’t cheap. In fact, the chemicals used in this treatment are far costlier than standard cleaning solutions.

With that said, fogging is actually quite cost-efficient. The sanitation technique doesn’t take very long, this results in minimal disruption, and the effect is long-lasting.