Outbreaks like Covid-19 is when fogging will mostly be necessary. Keeping the advantages of sanitation in mind, though, as well as the cost of lost time and output on businesses in the event of an infection, we suggest bio-fogging a couple of times annually in order to optimize protection levels.

This is particularly germane advice for areas where people are more susceptible to viral infections or bacteria. Such places include nurseries or retirement homes. They could also include residence halls at universities and other educational institutions.

Sanitation measures like bio-fogging should be factored in when planning for contingencies. Timing must also be factored in, particularly when risks are heightened, like during the winter. Granted, some viruses do not discriminate against seasons, such as the case of the swine flu pandemic.

Each one of us has a responsibility to clean and manage the buildings people live, visit, study, or work in. Virus attacks must be held at bay (or repelled if they can’t be eliminated outright).