If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that high standards of hygiene are of the utmost importance with regard to keeping us all safe and healthy. Whilst we’re all washing and sanitising our hands more regularly, we must also remember that frequently touched surfaces, such as school chairs, also harbour germs and need to be regularly thoroughly cleaned.

According to new research, the results of which appear in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, “…bacteria and fungi are coming from one dominant source—humans.” If students are healthy and have a good immune system, this may not be a big issue, however it could profoundly affect any children who have compromised immune systems, or the health of all children if there is an outbreak at the school.

In addition, school chairs can and do frequently become dirty from pen and pencil marks, chewing gum and grubby hands. If left uncleaned, they can begin to look shabby and become more difficult to get looking good again. This can ultimately become a cost issue in terms of having to replace them more often.

At High Standard Cleaning Services, we have recently implemented a new service whereby we hot jet wash your plastic school chairs. The chairs are taken outside and jet washed with hot water, the results of which are clean, sterile chairs that are also kept looking their best for longer.
This hot jet washing service is provided to you at no extra cost as part of our general cleaning service contract with you.